The rainbow is uniting people everywhere

Princess Iris and The Rainbow Museum post 2020
The rainbow connects us in this time of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.

All over the world people of all ages have started creating rainbow art and crafts. On social media there are many groups* where photographs of displayed rainbow art in windows are shared. Street artists everywhere add color to their neighbourhoods. The rainbow unites people in times of suffering.**

In 2012, The Rainbow Museum published a colorful fairy tale about a suffering princess, a nearly bankrupt museum and the rainbow. Now that all over the globe so many museums and cultural institutions are closed and struggle to survive, our tale seems more contemporary than ever.
Not only is it a fairy tale about hardship and a culture coming to an end, it is also a tale about the emergence of a new ‘green’ culture, a sustainable future for everyone. It tells the tale of the emergence of a new museum with a rainbow as its object and symbol: The Rainbow Museum.

As we all are more or less stuck in our homes now, looking for online resources and stories to read and tell, looking for meaning perhaps and of course a bit of entertainment as well, perhaps now is a good time to read our online fairy tale Princess Iris and The Rainbow Museum.
The complete tale can be read online and there’s a colorful slideshow too. Share it with your friends!

*The Rainbow Museum’s Facebook group Rainbow Explorers Nederland is one of them.
**HM Queen Elizabeth recently said: “its symbol will be the rainbows drawn by children”.