English version! Beautifully illustrated FREE PDF of fairy tale PRINCESS IRIS

A beautifully illustrated version of our fairy tale Princess Iris and The Rainbow Museum is now available as FREE PDF!

Princess Iris

Read the fairy tale of sad little Princess Iris who lives with her parents in a gloomy castle with worn out furniture. The old maid, the fat cook and the gardener with moss in his beard cannot alleviate her loneliness. Then a handsome stranger from another country knocks on the old castle door. He wears a shiny purple suit, with ivory-white buttons. The stranger promises to make Princess Iris happy…

Princess Iris in the limousine

Naturally many bees came to visit the flowers

To download the PDF, CLICK THIS LINK.

The PDF is published under CC-BY-NC-SA licence (share it with your friends but do not use it for commercial purposes).

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Author Simon Vierstra, The Rainbow Museum
Illustrator Patricia Heijmen, Mooie dingen enzo
Translation NEEDSer

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